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My Deepest Secrets shall be revealed, and my Darkest Wishes shall come True....

Inside the Mind of a Multi-Shipper....

This is my 2nd Account. My First Account is under the UserName of burningmoon65. Basically, this Account was created to post ideas for FanFics/Songfics/Poems/Drabbles, and also to possibly post up Fanfics if I'm having trouble accessing some of my Fanfic Accounts. Also, I may discuss about my Life here....

Anyways, a Few things about me:
My Zodiac Sign is Aquarius (Water-Bearer). I Ship multiple Pairings (Shippings)! My Favorite Show is "Avatar: The Last Airbender"! Zutara (Zuko + Katara) is my Favorite Avatar Pairing! Royal Blue is my Favorite Color! I'm usually pretty Kind on the Web. I can be Impatient and Short-Tempered! In Real-Life I like to be Alone and I don't Talk Much.... I LOVE to make new Friends on the Web!

Well, See Ya Later! ;)